Sarazen Haile Kokodynsky
Sculptures, Books & ObjectsPrintsInstallationsTeaching
I’m interested in the communities, actions, objects, stories, and memories that maintain and create place. I see “place” as an all-encompassing term combining physical location, memory, people, interactions, and objects from an area to create a complex reality. In making my work, I look at the factors that make up this definition of place. Inspired by these observations, I attempt to make tangible the intangible – the moment, memory and loss. These are areas of life that are often overlooked, yet have the ability to completely alter our perspectives, to change our lives. Similarly, the work I make is fragile and fleeting, yet labored and significant. Being made primarily from paper, it is temporary, to be thrown out afterward and survive only as a thought.

I see the social space surrounding the work as integral to its meaning and function. I find installations and participatory projects to be a way of interacting with the public that is fulfilling, exciting and collaborative. I also enjoy the democratic use of printmaking practices as well as the recognizable quality of working with graphic design materials and everyday objects.